Just when you thought Future and Drake would be the year's most unlikely duo, an announcement came in about a forthcoming joint tape from the world's most recognizable drill rapper and a pop/reggae artist whose last top ten hit dropped in 2009. Yes, Chief Keef and Sean Kingston not only linked up for yesterday's "Murda Mook," but will also share a full-length project that is bound to attract a ton of listeners out of sheer curiosity. Although this comes out of left-field, even by Keef's zany standards, it's far from the first time the Chicago star raised eyebrows with his collaborative decisions. 

First attracting attention for his grim, violence-minded tracks like "Bang" and "3Hunna," these early tracks gave Keef a reputation that he's still attempting to live down to this day. That image, coupled with his distinct stylistic deviations from golden-era hip hop (the auto-tune, the mumbling, the lack of #BARS), in turn made any collaboration he pursued outside of his drill scene seem more unexpected by contrast. These days he wields less of a shock factor-- partially because he's varied his sound, partially because he's spawned so many imitators-- but seems even more open to working with artists from every corner of the rap game.

Some former collaborators, like Future and Waka Flocka Flame, may hail from different cities, but the stylistic similarities between their music and Keef's lessened the surprise of joint tracks, so they aren't included on here. And while we'd love to include a Keef/Lady Gaga track on here, that rumored product still hasn't surfaced anywhere. Still though, we've got a lot of bizarre pairings to choose from here. 

Note, these are ordered by the amount of unexpectedness-- with #12 being the least unexpected and #1 being most unexpected.