...and Chief Keefthought rehab was horseshit. The Chicago rapper was hit with 60 hours of community service following his arrest for speeding earlier this year, and he's finally got his placement-- at an equestrian center.

According to TMZ, the GBE rapper will feed and groom the animals, as well as clean up after them. The center Sosa will be working at is meant to provide "physical and occupational therapy for people with disabilities," and is located within the Chicago area.

Of course, Keef is still in a drug treatment program for the next 90 days due to a probation violation. No word yet on when he will begin his work at the center.

[Update: Keef Talks To TMZ]

Chief Keef says that he's a changed man. Over the weekend, TMZ caught up with Chief Keef at LAX before heading to start his rehab stint at a undisclosed location. Keef, whose going to rehab for failing a drug test, says he is going to quit smoking weed when he gets out. 

The TMZ cameraman then asked Sosa if he was okay with cleaning up after the horses for his community service? Keef replied,

"Uuuh, its cool. No comment like that though. I like working with kids though that's why."

Sosa had all the right words to say for the camera. Aside from now having his own private driver, Keef also said that he doesn't carry all that cash anymore. Only credit cards for Sosa.

"I've growed up. I glo'd up I mean." - Keef

Watch his encounter with TMZ below.