Chief Keef has begun 2017 under the influence of high-performance gas. He dropped a mixtape on New Year's Day, aptly titled Two Zero One Seven, and he has announced plans to drop THREE more tapes by the time March arrives. And music won't by his only means of running to the money. Today, he has released a new pack of signature emojis. As of this afternoon, you can get them all by downloading the GLOMOJI app on the iTunes app store. 

By releasing his own line of emojis, Chief Keef is following the example of rappers like Rick Ross, Future, Fetty Wap, The Game, and more. Keef's emojis are certainly unique to his brand, though. You'll recognize some of these characters if you've been keeping up with Sosa's album artwork or keeping tabs on his Glo Gang gear. Most of the emojis with faces look to be stoned or geeked up off the mud. The other ones say things like "Turbo," "Cappin," "Glo Up," and "How You Bummin" in various fonts. Check 'em out below.