Chief Keef is in the news for yet another Twitter-related mishap.  After engaging in beef with fellow Chicago rapper, Lupe Fiasco, and also openly laughing at the death of another young Chi-town rapper, Keef is making headlines again for misbehaving on Twitter.  

The young rapper, who is merely 17 years old, posted an Instagram photo on Twitter of him and an unidentified woman engaging in a sexual act, as reported by HipHopDX.  The photo has since been removed from Instagram. 

This is only one of many stories involving Chief Keef and Twitter.  A couple weeks ago, when he laughed at the death of Lil JoJo, a police investigation was then launched to see if he, and the Chicago street gang he is affiliated with, had any involvement in the shooting.  Keef later said his account had been hacked and apologized on Twitter to both Lupe Fiasco, whom he threatened to "slap", and for the tweets involving Lil JoJo.