When 03 Greedo bragged about being the only "street character" with a Lil Uzi Vert feature to his credit, he wasn't lying. Soon enough he'll have to alter that statement to reflect a more pioneering stance - the distinction is important because Chief Keef is now seconding the very same notion with an Uzi feature to call his own. Two hours ago, Love Sosa jumped on Instagram to debut a snippet of the collaborative song he's labeled "Mooliani," in the image of the ancients depicted on the money stacks he keeps on hand.

Manny Carabel/Getty Images

As you can see, the Instagram post depicts a two-face rendering of Lil Uzi Vert and Chief Keef split up by a skeletal demon that lies inside their heads. The graphic then turns to reveal a devilish Sun emoji enjoying a cup of lean. As the song snippet runs its course, the dual-uzis firing off in symbolic order like "anyone can get it." After running a check, it's come to my attention that "Mooliani" could very well be the song the pair debuted during a Philly concert in December.

Based on the teasing elements at our disposal, "Mooliani" looks as though it's gone to be a chaotic affair. At a spectator's glance, Chief Keef still embodies the unhinged characteristics endearing him to the rap audiences in the first place - even though he lacks the critical support of fellow graduates of the Drill movement, namely Lil Durk. Love Sosa isn't necessarily in need of a comeback, like saySoulja Boy - but if he wanted to embark on the comeback trail, "Mooliani" seems like it would be a good place to start.