A Chicago judge ruled that Chief Keef be taken into custody Tuesday afternoon, due to a probation violation. The rapper had previously violated his parole by his unannounced move to Northbrook, Illinois, as well as recent a visit to a gun range, chaperoned by Pitchfork Media. Keef had been on probation following an incident in December 2011 in which he allegedly pulled a firearm on Chicago police officers.  

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[Via Chicago Sun Times]

[Update: Details emerge from court appearance, Keef's sentencing hearing has been set]

Yesterday afternoon it was reported that Chief Keef had been taken into custody for violation of his parole. The 17-year old rapper appeared in court Tuesday afternoon, where his Pitchfork gun range video was reviewed, and ruled that the gun use was a direct violation of his 18 month probation. 

"Was it stupid? Yes. Did it violate the court order? No," Dennis Berkson, Keef's lawyer, suggested. Berkson argued that the rapper was under strict supervision, and was simply complying to his record label's wishes in filming the promotional video.

However, Interscope Records is not not above the law. 

"There is a clear record of a disregard for the court’s authority," were the words of Judge Carl Anthony Walker. Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Jullian Brevard also argued for superiority of the of the law, "You are above Interscope Records. You are above Chief Keef."

The argument that Keef was on private property was also voided by the court, as a violation would have occurred even if the rapper had been handling the firearm in the privacy of his own home.

Chief Keef was cuffed and escorted out of the court. When questioned by reporters, Keef's manager's only reply was, "You can kiss my ass".

Chief Keef will be held in custody until his sentencing on Thursday.

[via Chicago Sun Times]