The up-coming Chicago rapper Chief Keef, who originally started getting buzz when the G.O.O.D. Music single "I Don't Like" dropped, has now signed to Interscope Records.

Chief Keef revealed to MTV's RapFix that although he had been looking at many other labels, Interscope was his final decision because it's home to rappers like Eminem and 50 Cent. "I've been talkin' to a lot of labels, but I just noticed that Interscope got people like 50, Eminem."

FSD got more details on the deal, which sounds pretty big. The deal is in the millions of dollars, and Chief Keef got his own label deal for his GBE imprint. Keef also agreed to a multi-movie film deal through Interscope's film division. On top of this, Keef will be getting his own line of Beats By Dre headphones, titled "Beats By Keef."