Chief Keef just cannot seem to stay out of trouble.  Whether it’s meddling on Twitter, or filming a video segment, the young Chicago rapper seems to constantly be drawing the attention of officials.  It was reported yesterday that prosecutors want Keef locked up for violating his parole.  More details have emerged and it seems they want to have charges laid against the 17 year old rapper for being involved in the shooting of rival Chicago rapper Lil JoJo.

The Interscope rapper moved to California after the death of Lil JoJo, which has been ruled as gang-related between a gang Chief Keef has been known to be affiliated with, the Black Disciple Gang, and JoJo’s Gangster Disciples.   The SunTimes reports that while they are not tying Chief Keef to Lil JoJo’s shooting, they believe that his online beef with the rapper and their gang associations, was the motivation behind the shooting. 

The “I Don’t Like” rapper has shown contempt for court officials and was wearing baggy fatigues, a white tee and a large gold watch at his court appearance with a woman on site shouting at him “young man in the blue jacket, pull your pants up!”

Dennis Berkson, Chief Keef’s lawyer says that while it was “stupid” for the rapper, who is on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer, to be filmed on video at a firing range, it was not entirely his fault as he was just following instructions from adults.  The lawyer also contests that Keef has not completed his GED because of touring obligations.

Another, slightly comical detail emerged as well.  The rapper’s probation officer has reprimanded him for signing his court documents as “Chief Keef” instead of his real name Keith Cozart.