It's crazy to think of how long Chief Keef has been in the game. He's been hustling hard in the music industry since 2011 but he started off extremely young. The Chicago icon is only 24-years-old and he still has so much in front of him. These days, his music isn't getting played as much as it was in his prime but his output is still ridiculously high, meaning that one song can easily pop and give him that boost he might need. The rapper doesn't normally make headlines on a daily basis but something he's hinting at has got his fans asking him for clarification.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Glo Gang general posted a photo to his social media accounts holding a handful of hair. Since he came up, we've known Keef for his long-dreaded hairstyle. Naturally, everybody is assuming that this is the artist's way of telling us he cut off all his hair. If that's not the case, then he's playing around for some quick clout. Still, it worked because everyone in his comments is confused as all hell.

"NAW THIS BEYOND ME I KNOW YOU AINT GOT A BALD FADE BUCKO," wrote actor HaHa Davis in the comments. Lil Tecca also chimed in, asking for proof that he actually shaved his head. Do you think Chief Keef actually cut off his dreads or is he just messing around?