It's common knowledge that Chief Keef's raps have gone downhill, especially with the release of his past two mixtapes, Bang Pt. 2 and Almighty So, which were less than sub-par, and we're not even sure they even satisfied the biggest of Keef's fans.

Keef seemed to be adamant in his lean-sipping and trouble-making ways though, often ending up in the news because of it. It appears as though the rapper has finally had a change of heart, and has even admitted to his mistakes (including those two mixtapes we just mentioned).

While talking to Billboard, the 18-year Chicago native admitted that his over-use of syrup aka lean was what caused those two projects to be failures. Keef says he's since cleaned himself up. "My last two mixtapes were mistakes," Keef confessed. "I was on promethazine, all drugged out. I was tweaking. I don't sip the lean no more though."

Keef also spoke on how he considers rehab to be like jail-- he doesn't like to see anyone, and he hasn't really done any interviews because of it, in fact, this one with Billboard is his first since entering rehab. "It’s like being locked up," Keef said. "And when I’m locked up, I don’t want anybody to come see me. I won’t let my family come here. I haven’t seen my 2-year-old daughter."

The rapper's manager, Peeda Pan, also spoke on his frustrations with the young man. "A lot of times, I got pissed off at Keef," Peeda Pan said, referring to occasions when Keef blew off media opportunities for his album Finally Rich, including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and BET's 106 & Park. "He knows what he’s doing a lot more than people give him credit for. He has control. People ask, ‘Why did he do that?’ He knows why," Peeda added.

Chief Keef revealed yesterday that he has a new mixtape titled Back From The Dead, which, considering his rehab stint and his decision to quit lean, sounds like an appropriate title. What was supposed to be the next tape, Bang 3, has now turned into an album.