The unexpected death of Fredo Santana, the older cousin of Chicago rapper Chief Keef, was understandably surprising to hip-hop fans. While the 27-year-old was candid about his struggles with drug addiction -- specifically Xanax and lean -- the extent of his health damages was unclear. The rapper was reportedly suffering from liver and kidney failure, and his fatal seizure was caused by a cardiovascular disease that is believed to have been brought on by his drug use. In turn, fans have been quick to blame codeine cough syrup for the death of Fredo Santana, but Chief Keef wants everybody to stop making that assumption.

Taking to Twitter, 24-year-old Chicago drill legend Chief Keef wished that people would stop spreading misinformation about his cousin's death. 

"N***as say my cousin died of lean again and he didn't I'm fucking beating they ass," wrote Keef.

As previously stated, cardiovascular disease has been ruled as the official cause of death for Fredo Santana, not a drug addiction. Thus, saying that he passed away as a direct result of lean would be misinformed. However, it is clear that Santana's use of drugs didn't help his health condition.

Fredo Santana died at 27-years-old on January 19, 2018. His legacy continues to live on as one of the most prominent figures in underground Chicago drill rap.

Fredo Santana death
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