There has been an outpouring of support across the globe this week in response to the shocking news of Kobe Bryan’t death. Every athlete, artist and celebrity has taken to social media to give their condolences & prayers to the Laker great and the other 8 passengers who died along with him in the helicopter crash.

In the wake of tragic event, it appears fans are taking to the streaming platforms to reminisce on their Laker great in the form of music. In fact, one song in particular has managed to creep back up into the Viral 50 this week on the Spotify charts and that being Chief Keef’s 2012 record “Kobe.” And it didn't just land anywhere, Sosa’s ode to Kobe has fallen to #24 on the charts, which coincidentally was Kobe’s jersey number too.

“Hundred thousand in one pocket, I get paid like I’m Kobe/ When these f--- boys play games, man I just play like I’m Kobe” Chief Keef raps on the song.

Chief Keef decided to pay tribute to Kobe after hearing the shocking news this weekend by taking to Instagram and sharing a photo of him being sad in his car. He captioned the photo with “I think that I'm Kobe,” which you can see for yourself (below). RIP Kobe.