There's currently a warrant out for Chief Keef's arrest, as the rapper failed to show up to his arraignment on Tuesday. Sosa isn't worried about getting tracked down by police, though. "Tell 'em to come get me," he said to a TMZ reporter last night in L.A. 

Keef had been charged with a DUI last month in Miami; his arrest led to one of the all-time great mugshots.

As of last night, the 21-year-old rapper seems to feel that the charge -- "ain't nothin' but a DUI" -- isn't important enough to necessitate his appearance in court. "I ain't goin' to jail," Keef assured the reporter, when asked if he was worried about being locked up. 

There may be little Miami police can do with Keef out in Cali, though Sosa is set to return to the city on Saturday (May 6) to perform at the Rolling Loud festival. Check back with us this weekend to see if he can make it out of Florida without being apprehend by the local authorities.