Much of the recent Chief Keef news have involved his label FilmOnTV on account of their attempts to stage a Chief Keef hologram concert. So it continues: FilmOnTV has suspended Keef for poor decision making.

"Chief Keef's contract was suspended 2 weeks ago because his management went off and did a tour without our approval," FilmOn CEO and Greek billionaire Alki David said in a statement to Vlad TV. "[We are] not happy with the direction they are taking him. Same shit over and over. Limiting his appeal to a wider audience and I'm not saying he should sell out, just be more prolific."

Keef is also in trouble with David for making an unsanctioned video for "Let it Blow"with Las Vegas rapper D Flores, who was arrested for allegedly kidnapping a 15-year-girl and forcing her into prostitution.

"I don't blame Keith," said David. "I blame his shady management - Keith is a fucking rap superstar."