A daily dose of Chief Keef drama is in order. Chief Keef has reportedly ran into some trouble and once again the police are involved.

Red Eye (via FSD) reports that Keef has been evicted from his Highland Park mansion this morning, following Lake County police officers showing up at his crib. However, the owner of the home, Bal K. Bansal, contradicts this report, saying that Keef hasn't evicted and that he's a good tenant.

"This is mutual," Bansal said. "It is not an eviction." Nonetheless, officers at the home this morning said otherwise. Apparently the eviction process began back in February, when the Chicago rapper fell behind on his rent payments by about $30,000. He then agreed to pay the full amount by April 20th, according to court documents. It's unclear if Keef actually did pay up-- at a May 7th court hearing, an order for forcible entry and detainer was filed.

While the landlord claims the rapper has been a good tenant, his neighbors disagree. One neighbor told the news outlet that he thought he heard gunshots one night, "It's been horrible," said neighbor Ken Cooper. "They were certainly not good tenants." 

We'll update you once more details become available.

[UPDATE: Chief Keef Responds To Eviction]

Chief Keef was stopped by the ever friendly TMZ and was asked about the eviction which we reported on yesterday (read the full story above).

Keef says money wasn't the reason for the eviction, rather, it's because he's such a bad ass dude.

At first he says, "I dunno." Later he adds, "They say they don't want me around, they don't want me in the neighborhood. I'm too bad. I'm a bad lil young boy, I gotta grow. One day it's gunna be okay, I'ma be a grown man, I ain't gonna be bad no more."

He adds, "I ain't bothered, I'm cool."

Watch the interaction below.