Since Chief Keef signed with Interscope in Summer 2012, he's given them his debut album, Finally Rich, and... not much else. Since dropping that project in Decemeber 2012, Keef has not only failed to put out a follow-up, but his already-lengthy rap sheet has gotten longer -- and now Interscope has reportedly dropped him from their roster.

AllHipHop says they have info from an unnamed source inside Interscope, and write, "Interscope began to 'subtly disassociate' itself from the 19-year-old rapper after he had a series of legal cases sprout up in 2013 and 2014." Adding that Keef's been "quietly dropped," the source says “Keef and his people tried to keep the label accountable (once Keef moved to Los Angeles) but Interscope didn’t seem interested in dropping a new album. Keef’s team tried to have formal meetings but nothing moved.”

Stay tuned for official confirmation, and expect Keef's new output (which has already been pretty weird) to keep getting weirder.


[Update: Keef confirms via Twitter]

It appears that AllHipHop's information was correct, as Keef just tweeted out a picture of a text conversation in which he says he's "been dropped for a week now," as well as some more tweets pertaining to the news.

Good to see he's keeping a positive attitude about things.