It has been quite sometime since we have seen Chief Keef as a dominate force in the game. Even more so, it has been an exceptional amount of time since we have received an exclusive interview from the artist. Though this year we primarily heard from the rapper with sporadic single releases here and there, he announced his plans to release the project Two Zero One Seven and shared the track list with it just a couple days ago.

Now more news about the rapper has surfaced via an exclusive interview he granted hip hop website Local Savage. In the interview the Glo Gang member discusses several topics including the releases of rumored projects, working with 21 Savage and meeting Lil Yachty.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below.

Chief Keef on why 2016 was so quiet for him:

Man I’ve had to work shit out with [Alki David] because I was in trouble with him about posting my shit on Youtube. [laughs] He’s letting me do it now because I told him I can’t get no money if I’m not putting out something. I got some other tapes on a laptop I might get rid of too.

Chief Keef on the recent surplus of his self produced tracks:

I been practicing making beats for two years now and if I’m gonna spend all that time I want niggas to hear it. [laughs] Me and Mike Will did a lot of shit this year but I got some of it on my hard drive, I might drop a little bit once [Colorful Money] sends me a cover.

Chief Keef on meeting Lil Yachty, working with 21 Savage and rappers bitting his sound:

Nigga I am the new school! [laughs] I’m still young, younger than some of them niggas. Yachty cool, I met him at some Complex shit and he showed love. Me and 21 did a song…uh…last year I think. Maybe it will come out sometime, he hard too.
Everybody stealing my sound, I created this shit. All these niggas my sons, using my flows. I was doing that shit like, two years ago, go on my Youtube. It’s aight, I’m coming for necks this year. [someone shouts “Turbo” in the background.] Yeah that’s right, Turbo bitch! Watch yourself.

Chief Keef on waht to expect from Two Zero One Seven:

This that new Sosa so don’t be asking me to put some old ass shit on there! Most of that shit lost anyway so stop asking about it. My beats hard as hell now, expect that. I got Tadoe on there, Kash, uh…I think that’s it. Leekeleek got a beat on there too but I think the rest is all me. Hard ass shit. Bars and shit. You gonna be hearing it out of every car. Necks!

Check out the official interview for more details and be on the look out for the new project from the Glo Gang veteran.