Although the rumors that Chief Keef impregnated a middle-schooler are somewhat debunked (word is, the girl is actually now in college, and she's only two months younger than the rapper), the lawsuit the girl filed for child support still went ahead, and resulted in her favor.

The 17-year old Chief Keef was sued for child support earlier this year. Although the baby mama may no longer be a middle schooler, she apparently gave birth in 2011, when Keef was only 15.

According to court documents, Chief Keef has been ordered to pay the mother of his child $2,600 a month in child support-- that's based off of the total $13,000 a month he's currently making. Keef also has to fork over $500 in day care expenses, as well as $10,400 in missed child support payments.

A hearing has been set for next month to finalize these amounts. We'll keep you posted on all of Keef's baby mama drama.


[UPDATE: Chief Keef Reportedly Not Making His Child Support Payments]

Although Chief Keef is often seen with bundles of cash in his pockets, and it's reported that he earns $13,000 a month, he hasn't been paying his baby mama child support.

As we previously reported, the rapper was ordered to pay her $2,600 a month, and that was supposed to start in May. The mother has filed legal documents claiming that Keef has only forked over $1,900. She says that she can't support herself without Keef's payments, so he has to start paying as soon as possible.

A judge has ordered the Chicago native to appear in court in September, to explain why he hasn't paid up. If he doesn't show up in court, an arrest warrant could be issued.