So apparently Chief Keef has been driving illegally throughout his entire life. On Monday, Sosa, who’s 21 now, took to his Instagram to announce that he finally got a drivers license for the first time in his life. Of course, Keef got his license in California, where he currently resides.

Sources told TMZ that Sosa was sick of “riding dirty,” and taking back roads in his luxury vehicles to avoid police. He apparently tried getting his license before, but either the line was way too long at the DMV or he was on tour, causing him never to get it.

The news itself is pretty shocking considering Keef has been driving & showing off luxury whips for the past 6 years, but then again Sosa never reforms to traditional thinking or obeys the law.

Peep Sosa's IG post (below) and if you happen to be in the LA area look out for him on the roads.