Chief Keef continues to fail in his attempts to host a hologram concert. Due to outstanding warrants in Chicago, he's banned from performing in his hometown. Those stipulations apparently extend to virtual Sosa, too, and, in July, an attempted hologram performance in Hammond, Indiana, just outside of Chicago, was shut down minutes after it began. 

We thought Sosa's hologram would finally be able to hold an uninterrupted performance in L.A. at his "Bang 3 Hologram Fest," which was scheduled to take place tonight (Sept. 18) at the Henry Fonda Theater. The concert was also supposed to mark the official release of disc 2 to Keef's new Bang 3 album. Unfortunately, it has just been announced that tonight's show is a no-go. 

Apparently an altercation took place at the venue during rehearsal, which caused AEG, the company that owns the Henry Fonda Theater, to call off the entire concert. 

Grant Zimmerman, an A&R at FilmOn TV, the company to which Keef is signed, told HipHopDX his account of what went down. "Security tried to attack a staff member for drinking the Fonda's water during an official walk-through for the event. Unfortunately the Fondas tried to stop us from throwing an amazing event due to a lack of professionalism on their end, but the show will go on."

Sound plausible?

FilmOn's CEO, Alki David, has also released a statement regarding the cancellation of his event:

"AEG and the Fonda Theater have continued the shameful cycle of blaming hip-hop and the artistic expression of urban youth for their own corporate malfeasance."

In his statement, he also likened the actions of AEG and the Fonda Theater to those of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who spoke out against the possibility of a Keef concert in Chicago, and to the Madison Square Garden events division, who refused to partner with David and Keef to host a benefit concert for the family of slain one-year-old Dillan Harris, who was killed during the same incident that killed Glo Gang rapper Capo. 

Like Zimmerman, who blamed the Fonda family, Keef has spoken out against the theater's namesake, the late actor Henry Fonda, as well as his daughter, Academy Award-winning 77-year-old actress Jane Fonda. 

No need to blame a dead guy, Keef. 

Immediately after the cancellation, Keef and FilmOn have decided to move the concert to the the parking lot adjacent to the Henry Fonda Theater. In addition to Keef and his hologram, the concert will also feature a performance from L.A. rapper Joey Fatts as well as other surprise guests. 

The entire event can be live-streamed on

We hope it goes off without a hitch, but judging by Keef's past luck, that likely won't be the case.