Chief Keef announced on Instagram earlier today hat he was being sent to jail after appearing in court, and now according to DNAinfo, the Chicago rapper is officially headed back to the big house. The details of Keef's latest offense have not been revealed, but we do know that it was the result of a probation violation.

Sosa, otherwise known as Keith Cozart, appeared before a judge in Skokie this afternoon, from which he was transferred to Cook County Jail.

No news on how long the rapper will be locked up this time.

View Keef's latest instagram message, including an Emoji-nal goodbye below.

[Update: Keef Is In Drug Treatment Program]

Details have emerged on Chief Keef's jail sentence yesterday, indicating that the rapper will be spending the majority of his stay in a residential drug treatment program. Keef apparently failed two drug tests (a requirement of his probation), which lead to a judge sentencing Sosa to a 90 day sentence in Haymarket Center, a drug treatment facility.

Keef was transferred to Cook County Jail yesterday, as previously reported, but was only ordered to spend one night locked up before being moved to Haymarket.