It's great to see folks moving past all forms of negativity, especially after the disgusting year we've just had. "3Hunna" rapper Chief Keef is also over the b.s and is letting whoever is continuing to feed old beef know.

Unfortunately, gun violence is far from a thing of the past in Chicago, and Chicago rappers continue to fall victim to the ways of the streets. Tooka was murdered at 15 while at a bus stop in Chicago 8 years ago and is one of the most notable rap references in the drill scene. The internet has even popularized an extremely distasteful meme about "smoking the ashes" of the deceased, allegedly after Keef's crew was involved in the murder of Tooka. The meme has recently drawn the attention of Tooka's mother, who is pleading with people to stoping using it altogether.

YBN Almighty Jay and Chief Keef were playing GTA live where Jay decided to curse Tooka and to his surprise wasn't met with the same negative energy. After years of using Tooka's name in vain, Keef told YBN to cool off on "saying shawty name."

Hopefully, Chief Keef can keep the positivity up in the new year and kick his addiction to lean and other deterrents to propel his career to even greater heights.