There has always been a dispute between 90's babies about which cartoon shows were the greatest. No matter what any other generation says, the 90's gave birth to some of the greatest cartoons of all time. Batman: The Animated Series, Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Pinky & The Brain, Arthur, The Magic School Bus, Dexter's Laboratory, Rocko's Modern Life, Family Guy, Pokemon, South Park, The Wild Thornberrys, and several other cartoons dropped in the 90's (The Simpsons just missed the cut by two weeks, so it gets a pass). For those who were born in that era, the characters from those shows will always hold a special place in their heart. For Chief Keef, who was born in 1995, that means decking out his house with art based on those characters. 

TMZ reports that Keef hit up Idiot Box Art owners Emily Bright and Tamara Martin over this past weekend to purchase a bunch of art inspired by his favorite cartoon shows. The media site also got their hands on footage of Keef showing off his new purchases. Keef walks around his home and shows off just a few pieces of his new artwork, but TMZ reports he bought much more. The pieces are made from hand-cut wood and are covered with acrylic paint and finished with a coat of resin.