Shortly after making a brief cameo in Lil Dicky's "Freaky Friday" song and video, Kendall Jenner was on the receiving end of some fan backlash over her association with Chris Brown, who is also on the song. Many viewed her few lines at the end of the track as cringe-worthy while others pondered how Dicky was able to land a Kardashian-Jenner feature in the first place. One person who appears to have been overjoyed by Kendall's rapping abilities is Chief Keef. While her future as a rapper is entirely questionable, Keef is down with the idea of Kenny stepping into the female rap lane.

Sosa turned heads with his tweet from yesterday as he wrote, "I think Kendall Jenner should start rapping..." While many brushed this off as Keef simply having a crush on the model, we can't say we weren't warned if Kendall makes an appearance one of his next mixtapes. Kendall's section on "Freaky Friday" is heavily auto-tuned and was more of a joke than a serious endeavor. While we would not want to shut down her dreams if they included getting into music, it's hard to envision a future with Kendall Jenner in the rap game.

It's become increasingly hard to keep up with the Kardashians in these last few days as it seems as though every minute, a new report pops up regarding the family. With Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal and Khloe reportedly having early contractions, much of their drama surrounds Khloe's pregnancy and relationship status at the moment.