Chief Keef is constantly having trouble with the law, and while he had missed a court date last month, the rapper seemed to be otherwise keeping himself out of trouble, even releasing his long-delayed Almighty So mixtape last week.

It thus came as a surprise when Keef announced via Instagram that he was headed to jail this morning. While the GBE rapper did not specify why he had been ordered to do time, FSD reports that it likely stemmed from the unpaid child support and missed court appearance from September. 

An earlier Instagram post indicates that Sosa won't be locked up for long, reading "Makin Glo Pumpkins Since I go to jail Tommoro ! See Y'all On The 25th".

View the Instagram posts below.

[UPDATE: Details As To Why Chief Keef Is Turning Himself In Emerge]

As we reported earlier, Chief Keef announced to the world that he was going to jail today. Now details surface as to why he's heading to prison.

TMZ reports that the rapper will only be locked up for twenty days, serving time for failing a drug test (marijuana-related). This all stems back to his speeding ticket he got in May in Chicago, when he was going 110mph in a 55mph zone.

Keef pled guilty to the ticket, but it seems he didn't follow through on the no-drugs part of his deal, as he tested positive for marijuana. Although the rapper is set to serve twenty days, he may actually get out as soon as tomorrow, due to overcrowding.

We'll keep you posted.