Alicia Newby is probably regretting her life choices right now since the Chicago based mother of six has been booked with a felony charge since she allegedly managed to hack into the email of Taraji P. Henson, leading to $12,000 of fraudulent charges. “Once this was done, the defendant then raided the account for a variety of information," that included phone numbers, addresses, financial accounts as well as telephone numbers, according to The Chicago Tribune.

It was Taraji's team who contacted the police after they noticed the charges with all merchandise being shipped to an unknown address. Upon further investigation, police discovered that Alicia had leases in other victim's names as well as utility bills. 

The publication details how Alicia's attorney is asking for a reasonable bond since there was no violence involved in her crimes. She has six children, is two-months pregnant with another child and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Police are still investigating whether other Empire cast members were also victims of Alicia's scam. She's set to head to court next week in the Windy City to determine her fate when it comes to a sentence.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images