Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic with "Safer At Home" ordinances in place, people didn't want to cancel their Memorial Day Weekend plans. The morose holiday is a favorite as people typically have a day off of work and travel to spend their three day weekend partying with friends and family. However, government officials have been doing their best at re-opening businesses to the public while also wanting people to stay home as much as possible. In Chicago, Memorial Day Weekend broke a record, but it isn't anything that city officials are proud of, especially during this time.

Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

According to a report made by CBS 2, over 40 people were shot this past holiday weekend, with 10 of those incidents being fatalities. Last year, 42 people were reportedly shot with six fatalities, but this year marks the deadliest Memorial Day Weekend since 2015 when 12 people lost their lives to gun violence. Additionally, this year, CNN reports that a victim includes a 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed as he was walking down the street in the South Side of Chicago.

The Windy City has strict ordinances for the COVID-19 pandemic, including the ban of gatherings of more than 10 people. These restrictions are to be lifted at the end of the month, but that hasn't stopped people from getting together