It has been revealed that Chicago drill artist Lil Mouse was shot in the leg on Sunday evening. The news was announced via Fake Shore Drive by his publicist Victor Foh Jr, who states that Mouse was on Chicago’s South Side when the shooting occurred around 6 PM. Not much else is known about the incident as of yet, but it would appear that the young rapper will make a full recovery. Mouse, who had previously beefed with the notorious Slim Jesus, has been quiet on social media since the shooting occurred. 

Lil Mouse has previously released several mixtapes since emerging onto the scene with "Get Smoked," a track he recorded when he was thirteen. Since then, he has gained popularity with his Mouse Trap series, as well as his pair of Slim Jesus diss tracks "Kill Time," and "Nail Him To The Cross." His crusade against Slim Jesus continued as of September, as Lil Mouse dropped yet another Slim Jesus diss, simply titled "Fuck Slim Jesus."

This incident is not the first time that Mouse was at the center of a shooting. At a Lil Mouse and King Sampson performance in 2013, seven people were shot and injured. Afterward, The Tribune reported that Mouse had received "national media attention" when he appeared in a music video at thirteen, brandishing guns at the camera. Luckily, the shooting yielded no fatalities. 

As for Lil Mouse's recent shooting, the story remains in development. The eighteen year old rapper had been a rising force in the Chicago drill wave, and it would be a shame if his promising career would be compromised by any senseless violence. Stay tuned for more on this as it develops, and we wish Mouse a speedy recovery.