Chicago rapper & Treated Crew member Gerik "Gzus Piece" Raglin was reportedly arrested last week and charged with drug possession and heroin trafficking on the Ohio Turnpike, according to the Toronto Blade & various sources.

According to the Ohio State Patrol’s website, Gzus Piece was driving a 2015 Buick Verano when he was pulled over for speeding right before midnight on January 1st. After seeing “criminal indicators”, the police searched his car and discovered a bag containing 103 grams of heroin worth about $15,450 on the streets. He was then sent to Wood County Jail, and bail was set at $300,000.

Appearing in Court today, Raglin is now being "transferred back to Illinois to fight the case," said Million Dollar Mano who spoke to the rapper earlier today. Mano also says that Gzus Piece will be allowed to return to his home once he's back in Illinois.

We’ll continue to update the story as more unfolds. #FreeGzusPiece (Peep the mugshot in the gallery above)