The NBA's 2019-20 "City Edition" uniforms are slowly but surely rolling in as teams across the league unveil new and unique jersey designs inspired by their respective cities, communities and former players. Typically, the end product is something that strays far from the norm and that holds especially true for the Chicago Bulls' 2019-20 City Edition uniforms.

The Bulls officially introduced their new threads on Wednesday, revealing a baby blue design inspired by the Chicago flag as well as Lake Michigan and the two branches of the Chicago River. As is the case with most 'City Edition' uniforms, the jersey seems to have been met with mixed reviews but I think I'm on board with the overall concept and execution here. After all, there are only so many black, white and red variations you can do and these 'City Edition' uniforms are meant to be something outside of the box. 

The jerseys will be available for purchase starting November 27, but the team has not yet announced when they will make their on-court debut. Stay tuned for more details, and click here to check out the Denver Nuggets' brand new "Rainbow Skyline" uniforms.