Chevy Woods' Quarantine Snack Stash Is Lit

Alex Zidel
May 08, 2020 13:00

Chevy Woods goes through his Quarantine Essentials, which include gin, lots of weed, and the dopest snacks.

We're nearing two full months in quarantine. If you haven't got your routine locked down by now, you've still got time to get your new life right. Despite some states re-opening, it's still smart to stay inside so go on and lock yourself in the house with all of your essentials. If you must head out, make sure to wash your hands like a fiend. 

Chevy Woods is the latest star to contribute to our new Quarantine Essentials video series. The Taylor Gang representative came through with a pack of snacks that he deems must-haves during this pandemic, keeping himself locked in and refusing to even fly home until this is all said and done.

The first thing Chevy Woods does is explain why he's wearing sunglasses inside the house. As you might have suspected, it's to hide his bloodshot eyes after he smoked four joints prior to filming. Obviously, weed is one of his major essentials.

"If you don't got none of this -- and there's like eight bags of these -- while you on quarantine, there's something wrong with you," he says, holding up a bag of loud. 

As for his snacks, Chevy is keeping himself full with Pop-Tart bites, Cheez-Its, baby oranges, water, noodles, and a bottle of gin.

What do you have in your quarantine snack pack?

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