Chevy Woods Pays Homage To Austin Powers In "Mojo"

Chevy Woods asks video vixens whether they'd like to shag now, or shag later.

Chevy Woods has joined the likes of Kanye West ("Power"), Ludacris ("#1 Spot), & Jay-Z ("Blueprint 2") as one of the many rappers to come through with an Austin Powers reference. In fact, the voice of the velvet-chested secret agent sets this one off with an iconic "Yeah baby, yeah!" Though the visuals for Wood's "Mojo" hardly continue with the Austin Powers motif, they remain solid nonetheless. Featuring a blend of surreal animation and minimalist stunting, Chevy Wood's latest feels slightly like tread-upon ground. Still, the old adage of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" certainly holds true.

Seeing as the song is indeed titled "Mojo," it only makes sense that Woods is surrounded by video vixens. Setting up in an otherwise empty mansion, Woods keeps festivities low-key, doling out red cups and good smoke for the occasion. Subdued, yet effective in what it sets out to do. 

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