Who's to blame for the rather shocking electoral victory of Donald Trump? Fake news, Russia, a scourge of latent racism in rural America? Though there's not one answer, comedian and TV personality Chelsea Handler has placed culpability on an unexpected group: the Kardashians. 

Speaking to Variety about the presidential outcome, which she's obviously upset about, Chandler said, "I blame the Kardashians, personally; the beginning of the end was the Kardashians." 

She went on to compare the media circus surrounding Trump's every move on the campaign to the way millions follow the daily lives of the Kardashians on reality TV and social media. "The way these people have blown up and don’t go away -- it’s surreal. Everyone is for sale," said Handler. She feels that the incessant coverage of Trump and his campaign was similarly voyeuristic and superfluous to the public's obsession with Keeping up with the Kardashians. In the case of Trump, however, the consequences of that coverage have proven to be tremendous. 

"We're looking about a man that gets mad at Vanity Fair for reviewing his restaurant poorly," said Handler, before going on to bash Trump Grill herself. "By the way, have you ever been to that restaurant?" she asked. "It's the biggest piece of garbage you've ever walked into. That place looks like a Southwest airport lounge. It's the worst." 

It's unclear if Handler's criticism of the Kardashians implicates Kanye West, but when asked about last month's meeting between Kanye and Trump, she replied, "Kanye needs to get on his meds." 

Handler has been an outspoken opponent of Trump's since his rise to political prominence, and right after his victory, she cried during an airing of her Netflix show Chelsea