ScHoolboy Q continues to prove why he's one of the most hilarious rappers on Snapchat with his latest overseas antics. In his recent Snapchat story, ScHoolboy and his entourage explore the streets of Norway for a night of debauchery. The adventure takes them from the airport where he fake-fights with randoms, to the cobblestone streets where he marvels at a Norwegian troll.

After hitting a club, Q and his crew go on to basically cause some ruckus, laughing at the drunks who roam the streets. The highlight comes when they encounter a wasted girl hell bent on sharing her joint. Even after Q rejects her offer, she is not deterred. One thing leads to another, and suddenly this chick is attempting some sort of acrobatic flip. It ends about as well as you might expect.

Q concludes the story in bed, calling the night "a classic" and promising to get back to work on his upcoming album.