Off-White is a fashion brand created Virgil Abloh and although it isn’t that popular with Raf Simons, it is popular with a lot of kids today. The brand’s streetwear aesthetic continues to be popular, and now we get the second half of Off-White’s spring/summer collection for 2017.

The collection is a simple mix of hoodies and denim, with signature brand touches like the diagonal striping, “Mirror Mirror” branding, patch aesthetic prints on the pants. A couple of the pieces feature famous artwork from influential Italian artists from hundreds of years ago, and we aren’t exactly sure how Virgil got the sign off to use those.

Everything is available now from Off-White’s website as well as retailers like KITH. The prices may shock you: hoodies go for upwards of $500 and denim is in the same ballpark. Yet, it always sells out. Maybe that’s why Givenchy is considering Virgil Abloh for its vacant creative director position.