Last week was all about The Game, and one would have assumed this week would be a similar story, but despite neck-and-neck projections, Machine Gun Kelly's General Admission pulled ahead of the Documentary 2.5, giving MGK the number one rap album this cycle. Still neither artist could get ahead of The Weeknd, who is pretty unstoppable right now, securing the number 3 spot on the Billboard 200 after 8 weeks.

Check the full breakdown below.

1)        The WeekndBeauty Behind The Madness: While there were a few big debuts this week, The Weeknd still managed to come out on top of the rap and R&B pile, moving 62,087 units of his third studio album (23,192 excluding streams). This week the album was officially certified gold by the RIAA. It's sold a total of 609,695 copies so far. He stay steady at number 3, below Pentatonix and Demi Lovato.

2)        Machine Gun Kelly—General Admission: Despite competing with The Game, MGK managed to score the number one album of the week, pulling in 56,310 units from his loyal fanbase (49,351 excluding streams) and placing at number 4.

3)         Fetty WapFetty Wap: While there may still be people saying Fetty Wap is a flash in the pan, even after having 5 charting singles, he continues to perform well on the album charts. His self-titled debut is in its 4th week, and is still out-selling efforts from The Game that were released after it. This week Fetty sells 47,957 units (13,380 excluding streams). He's at a total of 127,000 sold and slides from 4 to 5.

4)        The Game—The Documentary 2.5: The game's second album in two weeks still manages to do decent numbers, coming in at number 6 earning him 42,968 units (11,582 excluding streams). Coupled with the numbers with Doc 2 (see below), he had a pretty good week.

5)        Drake & FutureWhat A Time To Be Alive: What A Time is coming up on the gold mark, with 451,00 units moved thus far, this week it's down from 5 to 8 and sells 42,968 copies (11,582 excluding streams).

6)        The Game—The Documentary 2: Doc 2 falls from 2 to 11, likely taking a bit of a hit due to the rapper competing with himself. Still he manages to move 28,810 copies (21,433 excluding streams) in week 2.

7)        Future—DS2: Future falls from 15 to 20 this week, making him the only artist other than Game to have two albums in the top 20. He sells 18,570 copies (5,091 excluding streams), putting him at a total of 277,000.

8)        Drake—IYRTITL: Drizzy has finally fallen out of the top 20, shifting down to 23 this week as he moves a respectable 17,833 units (4,780 excluding streams), and beefs up his full tally to 1,051,000.

9)        Bryson TillerTrapsoul: Tiller has been surprisingly resilient in his four weeks on the charts, hanging in at 28 (down from 24). This week he sells 15,582 copies (6,494 excluding streams).

10)       Joe BuddenAll Love Lost: Budden quietly released his new album this week, debuting at number 29 and moving 15,254 copies (14,229 excluding streams).

While it seemed certain that Drake would come out on top of the Hot 100 this week, unfortunately memes don't count as streams, and neither do Apple Music video plays, so Drizzy took a backseat to his pal Abel for the third week straight. With Adele's new single released earlier in the week, we don't foresee Drake pulling through in the next cycle, so he'll just have to come a little harder (or release his video on VEVO) the next time around.