It was yet another unpredictable week on the charts, with Meek Mill being dethroned by none other than -- Tyrese? That's right, the veteran R&B star turnt Furious 7 actor has landed his very first number one with his sixth studio album. Meanwhile, Meek Mill keeps the units moving, sticking close at the number three spot. Drake comes in at 9, while the other rap albums were shut out of the top ten once again. As we already know, Future is set to top next week's charts, which will make for yet another consecutive week where a rap or R&B album reigns supreme.

1)        Tyrese—Black Rose: Tyrese managed to sell a whopping 86,286 copies of his new album, almost entirely in traditional units (83,181). A surprising triumph for the hard working singer, who took to the New York subway to sell copies of the LP. Guess old-school business tactics pay off.

2)        Meek MillDreams Worth More Than Money: Meek Mill is still selling well, moving from number one to number three, and moving a respectable 43,435 units (63,459 with streams). We'll have to see if his Drake accusations will affect his sales next week. He's moved 282,803 copies thus far.

3)        Drake—IYRTITL: Drake manages to move 9,322 units this week (21,786 with streams), getting him dangerously close to platinum status at 988,341 total sales. It shouldn't take more than three weeks to hit the million mark. He's at number 9.

4)        Nicki Minaj—The Pinkprint: Nicki stands strong at 25 this week, moving 3,912 copies of The Pinkprint (15,635 with streams). She's at 647,192 total sales.

5)        Big Sean—Dark Sky Paradise: Sean's LP has had some surprising longevity, falling from 22 to 29 this week, bit bringing in an admirable 4,730 in traditional sales (14,917 with streams). DSP's totals are at 306,000 so far.

6)        MiguelWILDHEART: Miguel takes a serious dive, moving from number 3 to number 30. He'll need a single if he's looking to pick up steam once again. Does the album have a hit in it?

7)        ASAP Rocky—A.L.L.A: Rocky's LP is down from 30 to 32. Moving 7,729 copies (14,558 with streams) for a total of 210,000 sales thus far.

8)        J. Cole—2014 Forest Hills Drive:  Cole rounds out the top 40, falling from 37 with 6,781 sold (13,054 with streams). Currently on tour, he should continue to move units.

OMI's "Cheerleader" spends another week at the top spot, but The Weeknd's inescapable "I Can't Feel My Face" might be ready to take it down, moving from 3 to 3 this week, after only 6 weeks on the chart. Fetty Wap is proving to have another hit, though rather than "My Way," it's "679" that appears to be taking off, moving from 19 to 18 this week. Meek Mill and Drake's "R.I.C.O." is at 45, though we feel it might jump following this week's controversy. Big Sean's Kanye West-assisted record, "One Man Can Change The World" has entered the charts at 100. Does Sean have another hit on his hands?