This week we only have one new entry so to speak of, and it's r'n'b/pop singer Jennifer Hudson with her newly-released JHUD. The album didn't do very much damage on the charts, but it still enters within the Billboard's top 10. Chris Brown, though, is still moving more than JHUD with his album X's second week on shelves. The album saw a four-spot this week, bringing total sales closer to the 200k mark, but not quite there yet. It may be a minute before we see the LP officially go gold, despite Breezy's wishes. We're seeing Jhene Aiko's Souled Out make a pretty big descent this week, to #30. The album doesn't seem to be performing as well commercially as the label might have hoped, but perhaps she'll pick up pace later on, like Iggy Azalea did with her own debut The New Classic (an album which now refuses to leave the Billboard 200). Souled Out's total sales currently amount to 101,645. See what else went down on the charts this week below.

1)         Chris Brown—X:  After making a relatively strong debut the other week, Chris Brown’s new album X has dropped down this week to #6. He debuted at #2 last week. During the second week of X on shelves, the album moved 36,842 copies. His total sales are currently at 182,486.

2)        Jennifer Hudson— JHUD:  Jennifer Hudson made a Billboard 200 debut this week, with her new album JHUD. The new release slides in the charts at #10, which isn’t too shabby (but it’s not the strongest either), moving 23,939 units this week.

3)        Lecrae—Anomaly: Lecrae’s impressive album Anomaly drops down from #8 last week to #22, after charting for 3 weeks. The project was able to move 17,136 copies this week, with total sales reaching 136,965.

4)        Jeezy— Seen It All: Jeezy continues his descent with his album Seen It All: The Autobiography. After dropping to #14 last week, he finds himself at #25 this week. He’s been charting for 4 weeks, and sold another 14,282 units. 190,358 total sales for the Snowman.

5)         Jhene Aiko— Souled Out:  Jhene Aiko hasn’t quite seen the same amount of success as her release date partner Lecrae. This week her debut album drops down 15 spots all the way to #30. Souled Out sold 11,068 copies this week. Jhene’s total sales just broke the 100k mark, at 101,645.

6)        Iggy Azalea—The New Classic: Iggy Azalea’s debut, on the other hand, continues to find plenty of success. The album, which she has plans to re-release later this year, dropped 2 spots this week to #32. After 23 weeks of charting, Iggy pushed 9,479 more units off the shelves. Her total sales are now 370,026.

7)        Wiz Khalifa— Blacc Hollywood: Wiz Khalifa is having trouble to keep Blacc Hollywood afloat the top of the Billboard 200. The album has quickly spiralled down, this week making a drop from #28 to #45. The newly-single rapper sold 7,352 copies, with total sales of 168,700/

8)         Trey Songz—Trigga: Trey Songz comes in at #47 this week, with Trigga dropping down from #35. After 13 weeks of charting the r’n’b singer sold 7,099 copies. His total sales are 257, 323.

9)         Beyonce—Beyonce: Queen Bey charts at #67 this week, while her album itself has been charting for 42 weeks strong. The self-titled visual LP moved 4,747 copies, which brought her grand tally to 2,077,482.

Meanwhile, Eminem's MMLP2 rises up one spot from #74 to #73, and August Alsina's Testimony debut drops from #53 to #74. When it comes to singles, although Kendrick Lamar's new single "i" received mixed reactions from fans, it's doing well in terms of sales. "i" sold 76,000 digital copies when it debuted. We're also finding a few new rap single entries on the Billboard Hot 100, with ILoveMakonnen's "Tuesday (Remix)" with Drake entering at #90, Rae Sremmurd's "No Type" at #77 and Big Sean's "I Don't Fuck With You" entering at #70.