This week we find the master of all parodies, Weird Al Yankovic, take over Billboard's #1 spot with his new album Mandatory Fun. There's not much new on here in the way of r'n'b and rap, as we await the debut numbers for Common's new release, Nobody's Smiling. This summer hasn't seen many huge hip-hop album releases actually, although there are still a few smaller ones coming up before July wraps up, including Sir Michael Rocks' BANCO. It's not until August that we'll see some more big releases, namely, Wiz Khalifa, DJ Mustard, A$AP Mob and Jhene Aiko all have albums dropping. That's more than a month away though, so for now, take in the numbers the artists below did in the last seven days.

1)       Trey Songz— Trigga: Trigga continues its descent this week, after falling to #4 last week, the album has dropped down 5 more spots to find itself at #9. Trey moved out 23,000 units of the album, which brought his total sales up to  163,000.

2)        Marsha Ambrosius— Friends & Lovers: Singer Marsha Ambrosius made her debut on the Billboard 200 this week, and didn’t do too shabby coming in with a #12 debut. The album was able to move 17,200 copies in the first week.

3)        Jason Derulo— Talk Dirty: We haven’t been keeping up with Derulo’s album too consistently, but it’s still been charting. This week the album spiked way up, coming in at #17, when it was at #54 last week. The singer moved 14,272 copies, while total sales are at 154,423.

4)        Iggy Azalea— The New Classic: Iggy continues her takeover, after being announced as the new host for MTV’s re-launched “House Of Style” TV show, we’ll probably be seeing her sales rise up even more. “Fancy” is still topping the charts, although The New Classic came down a bit. This week it drops to #22 from #16. The album sold another 13,326 copies, with total sales of 246,429.

5)        Michael Jackson— Xscape: MJ’s posthumous release falls down this week to #33 from #18. Xscape shipped out another 9,590 units, while the total sales climbed to 374,246.

6)        Pharrell Williams— G I R L: Pharrell moves down just a few spots at a time, this week dropping down to #48. The singer/rapper managed to sell another 6,576 copies of the album. Total sales are at 475, 929. Pharrell’s been charting for 20 weeks.

7)        August Alsina— Testimony:  This r’n’b young’n has made a pretty big splash with Testimony, definitely setting himself for a strong career. The album has performed quite well, although this week it’s dropped down to #57 after 14 weeks of charting. The debut album sold another 5,420 copies, while total sales rose up to 161,951.

8)        G-Eazy—These Things Happen: G-Eazy surprised us by his strong debut on the Billboard 200, although as independent artists on the come-up tend to do, he’s fallen off rather quickly. After 4 weeks of charting, he finds himself at #64. These Things Happen moved 4,898 units with total sales rising up to 66,800.

9)        Beyonce— Beyonce: Oh Beyonce. She’s gone 2x platinum with her visual album this week, reaching total sales of precisely 2,016,846. She sold another 4,866 copies of Beyonce over the week, and came in on the 200 chart at #65, rising up from last week’s #71.

10)       Childish Gambino— Because The Internet: Childish Gambino saw a spurt up the charts this week, while Because The Internet charts for 32 weeks straight. The album made its way back up to #66 from #98.

It's the first time in a while that we haven't seen Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP 2 in the top 10 on Charts, this week the rapper dropped down to #70. Not strictly hip-hop but worthy of a mention, Weird Al Yancovik, who parodies many rap and r'n'b songs, made his Billboard 200 debut with his new album Mandatory Fun this week, and he nabbed the #1 spot. He moved 104,000 copies. 50 Cent's Animal Ambition keeps dropping, this week falling to #86 from #67.