In an effort to keep these charts honest let us begin by further exposing how they could be everything but. Last week the issue of Weighted Sales was brought to light, this week Payola will be illuminated. The contraction between “pay” and “Victrola” (an early 20th century phonograph), relates to the music industries illegal pay-for-play habits. For over one hundred years artists and their labels have been purchasing airtime. In 1960 this action was made illegal, but this didn’t stop individuals like Clive Davis. Neither has it stopped the four major record companies currently controlling the market.  They now use independent intercessors to do their dirty work, keeping their own hands clean. That said, such corrupt behavior is also the only reason that many important acts ever get attention. It’s an intricate and unsettling affair that requires more attention, for now let us turn ours to the charts:

1)      Lecrae – Gravity: This man of God debuted with a blessed 70,490 albums sold. Furthermore, he captured the number 3 spot on Billboard’s 200, an outstanding feat considering the competition from other genres this week.

2)      2 Chainz – Based On A T.R.U. Story: still standing strong across a variety of charts, 2 Chainz does so with an additional 25,482 records to his tally. However, Miguel’s“Adorn” did overtake “No Lie” for the top Hip Hop/R&B song.

3)      Trey Songz – Chapter V: Trigga keeps it moving, 21,969 times to be exact. Thus he now has over 200k sold, an accomplishment many have to consider admirable in lieu of the market these days.

4)      Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t: The Boss continues to stand the test of time. His latest album sold 15,806 more copies, and looks to be Hip Hop’s next gold record. Perhaps the pace will pick up with the forthcoming release of the video for “Diced Pineapples.”

5)      Frank Ocean – Channel Orange: Back in the limelight at last Frankie does so with 15,770 units sold. As Billboard’s greatest gainer of the week the crooner has a lot celebrate, as well as fans to thank.

Important to note Slaughterhouse, with only 12,588 albums sold in their second week, went from number one to out of the top 5 altogether. A disappointing drop to say the least, but with the fickle nature of their fan-base in mind it comes as no surprise. Another point of interest is Kanye’stweet from earlier this week. Therein he released a picture of a chart showing the GOOD Music song “Clique” at number one. Whether on iTunes or any other digital network there is nothing to verify this, and they say these charts lie. Trust that they don’t, and trust that the insight into this industry will continue next Sunday.