It’s true that rapper’s like Chingy and the Ying Yang Twins have platinum selling albums. While others such as J. Cole and Big Sean do not. The reason rests not in the quality of their product, but rather when they were released.

Despite the arrival of online file sharing, the music industry didn’t fall into disarray instantly. In fact, as far as hip hop is concerned it enjoyed its most prosperous period from its onset up until the financial crisis of 2008. Platinum albums arrived every month; the million-marker was no longer sacred ground, for too many could trample on it to consider it so. Yet, since the bubble burst, the seven figures of success appear again like divine numerations. Heaven had by few, and those that get there are hated by everyone in hell left counting what they can. These are the Dark Ages and great tales are told in such times. Legends are so because of the souls they save and not the souls that hear them. That said it is of interest to see how many out there are still listening:

1)      Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor II: With 89,778 albums sold in his first week Lupe entered the Billboard 200 at #5. Despite the fact that he is admittedly back in creative control he did less than half the damage he did with Lasers in the same seven days.

2)      G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer: 55,044 more albums to add to their total. As "Mercy" and “Clique” hold steady on the Hot 100, the hope would be that the next single elevates this endeavor even further.

3)      2 Chainz – Based On A T.R.U. Story: 15,045 sold, Tity Boi, the surprise story of the summer, is still staying hot into the fall. With 300k and rising the statement he made regarding making more money this year than ever before rings true.

4)      Trey Songz– Chapter V: 9,458 may not seem like much to many, but it is just enough to keep him on the chart for another week. Be that as it may if this decline progresses any further Trigga will be out of this top five altogether.

5)      Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t: 8,951 more CDs flew off the shelves meaning Rick Ross has sold around 420,000 albums altogether. However, having shipped 80,000 more the album is certified gold.

Rihanna and Chris Brown both have top 20 singles (“Diamonds” and “Don’t Wake Me Up” respectively), and DJ Drama has an incredible compilation out the numbers of which will be calculated next week. Add to that October is set to be hip hop’s most exciting month of 2012. Thus there’s a lot to look forward to, and you can count on this chart to honestly cover it.