Charlize Theron’s stunt double, Dayna Grant, spoke with Metro, this week, detailing the “intense” work environment on the set of Max Max: Fury Road. Costars Theron and Tom Hardy infamously did not mesh well together on set.

Mad Max, Charlize Theron, Tom HardyPascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

“It was really hard. It was hard because it was obviously I had to spend time with both of them and both of them didn’t want to be together,” Grant said. “Usually Charlize would come in and they’d do scenes together, but they didn’t want to do scenes together, so I was put in her spot to always be with Tom. Tom’s double was always put with Charlize, so we actually worked with the opposite characters."

As for when things began getting uncomfortable, Grant says it started right away: “We knew right from the get-go. We knew from the beginning that it was happening when we were doing the fight choreography… there was tension then. So we were told what was going on. And we were just told to try and make it work as much as possible, which was challenging because usually you’re all in one big group and working together whereas we were kind of separated.”

Despite the animosity, Fury Road went on to be widely considered one of the best films of 2015.