Charlize Theron and Rihanna don't have much in common, except for their publicist Amanda Silverman. Rihanna thought that little bit of information would work as a funny joke when it came to Charlize's birthday, gifting her with a troll worthy gift that's quite hilarious. 

As the Mad Max: Fury Road actress revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Charlize "always thought" that her publicist had a lot of love her but that quickly changed. Amanda is known for always sending out birthday texts and when it was her birthday in August, she received a message that read 'Happiest bday' not event spelling out the full word 'birthday.'

McCredie/Getty Images

But for Rihanna's birthday, Amanda wrote 'To my most favorite client ever' and Rihanna informed her that she was going to get her text printed on a shirt to send to Charlize for her birthday, and she did just that.

In the clip below the actress details how it made her "feel great" that Rihanna would go to such lengths to make her a gift, even if it was a troll worthy move. 

Okay, Rihanna, we see you.