Few artists have managed to disappear off of the face of the earth quite like Charles Hamilton. After a series of unfortunate events that led to his falling out with the music industry, Hamilton has been quiet for a good 5 years. While it seemed he may never deliver on the promise of his early mixtapes, last month, a new song and rumors of a signing suggested that 2015 could see something of a comeback for the promising artist, and today that's been confirmed.

An official press release from Republic records went out today, announcing both Hamilton's signing and a new Rita Ora-assisted single in the works. The track is titled "New York Raining" and will debut on the season finale of FOX's new music industry-focused prime time soap opera, Empire. No word on whether Hamilton will actually perform the song on the show, or it will simply be played, but we're hoping for the former.

Republic's Monte Lipman had this to say of the signing: “Charles is back and the excitement for his return is immeasurable. The enthusiasm in the marketplace is overwhelming and we are thrilled to participate in the evolution of his career."

Hamilton will also be performing brand new music at Sayers Club in Los Angeles tonight. Expect big things.

[via Complex]