When Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016, many people saw it as an exceptionally weak move. The Warriors had just come off of a 73-9 season and an epic collapse in the NBA Finals. At the time, it felt like Durant was going to turn the team into an unstoppable monster, and as everyone suspected, that's exactly what he did. In his three seasons with the Warriors, he led them to three-straight NBA Finals appearances as well as two-straight titles.

Despite this, pundits like Charles Barkley still find Durant's titles to be illegitimate. In fact, during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Barkley sent a challenge to Durant, urging him to win a title in Brooklyn. As he explains in the clip below, Durant was more of a "bus rider" in Golden State while in Brooklyn he has an opportunity to be the "bus driver."

“To be on my Mount Rushmore, you have to be a bus driver, you have to be that key guy on your team. LeBron is on there because of that. Bill Russell is there because of that. Till KD wins one in Brooklyn, he won’t be a bus driver to me," Barkley said.

Until KD wins a title somewhere else, his accomplishments will always be debated by fans and analysts alike. Despite being one of the best offensive players ever, this is a narrative that is destined to follow him around for quite some time.