The Golden State Warriors have a chance to capture their second straight NBA title tonight at Oracle Arena, but they'll have to do so without the help of Draymond Green.

Green, who has arguably been the MVP of the series, has been suspended for Game 5 for swinging at LeBron's groin during Game 4.

The decision by the league to upgrade Draymond's foul to a Flagrant 1, and thus an automatic suspension, has been met with much criticism from current and former players alike including Charles Barkley and Matt Barnes.

In a podcast taping with Bleacher Report on Sunday, Barkley said Draymond had a "moral obligation" to swing at LeBron's junk.

“When a guy steps over you, you have a moral obligation to punch him in the balls,” Barkley said on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio’sNBA Sunday Tip. “Because that’s really disrespectful to step over a guy. You’re supposed to pop him in his junk if he steps over you like that.”

“That’s a perfectly fine response,” Barkley said. “You got to act like you didn’t try to do it; I will admit that. When somebody steps over you, they’re doing that intentionally to rub it in your face. They’re deliberately trying to punk you in that situation.”

Matt Barnes was also on #TeamDraymond after hearing of the suspension- he took to twitter to explain his thoughts.

As for Draymond's teammates and Stephen Curry's wife, Ayesha? They also took to twitter to voice their displeasure with some Grade-A (not so subtle) subtweeting.