Charles Barkley is one of the most beloved people in all of sports media and last week, he had us all scared as he revealed that he had been tested for the Coronavirus. After a trip to New York, Barkley felt as though he had the flu and needed to get some rest. Since then, he got a test for COVID-19 has been in self-quarantine. For the past few days, fans have been waiting on the results and with Barkley going silent, many were worried.

Today, it was reported by Yahoo! Sports that Barkley tested negative for the Coronavirus and is on the mend. This is great news considering so many people around the world have begun to test positive for the virus.

The entire sports world has been shut down until further notice due to COVID-19 which should clue you in to just how serious this thing is. Numerous NBA players have tested positive for the virus and now celebrities are getting it, as well. For now, the entire world is being told to quarantine and practice social distancing until this thing is all over. Hopefully, everyone listens and we can go back to normal.

Meanwhile, it's great to see that Barkley is doing okay. He's a national treasure and we just want him to be healthy.