Charles Barkley has been known to have some wild opinions and at times, these hot takes can get him into a lot of trouble. Usually, these opinions have to do with the NBA, while on a rare occasion, Chuck will get into the political realm, which typically doesn't go over well. On Thursday night, Barkley angered people more than usual, as he offered up his opinion on the COVID-19 vaccine and who should be receiving it first.

In the clip below, Barkley makes the claim that athletes from all of the major sports should be rushed to the front of the line, as they pay more taxes than the average person. For Barkley, these taxes make athletes more deserving, which is certainly a hot take if we've ever heard one.

Once the clip went viral, many pointed out that Barkley was wrong here as elderly people and those who are immunocompromised should be the priority. COVID-19 has a higher risk of killing these aforementioned groups, which makes the vaccine that much more important for them. While athletes can still be hurt by the virus, it remains a reach to say they should somehow be considered more important.

Check out some of the backlash below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.