Philadelphia 76ers' guard Markelle Fultz hit the first three-pointer of his career last night, bringing the crowd at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to a raucous standing ovation. Fultz, who hasn't looked the same since suffering a right shoulder injury, heard the crowd yelling "Shoot!" almost every time he touched the ball. Even when he missed the Sixers faithful would cheer in encouragement.

Of course, the trolls were out in full force on social media as Fultz finished with 12 points on 5-of-15 shooting. To his credit, the 20-year old seems unphased by it all. "I'm never afraid," Fultz said of shooting, per ESPN. "I worked hard this summer. Tonight I didn't make a lot of them, but I'm going to keep shooting."

During last night's broadcast on TNT, Charles Barkley addressed Fultz's shooting struggles and sent a message to the #NBATwitter trolls.

"The kid's struggling mentally with his shot. We're all pulling for him. That's why we're excited to see him do well. Now you just sit at home in your grandma's basement with your drawers on, typing on your damn keyboard - shut the hell up. We're pulling for Markelle Fultz." 

When Shaq egged him on, Chuck continued, "Shaq you know all the people on the internet who are mean - they sitting at home living with their parents. Like 32 years old living with their parents, got their computer out with ya drawers on, just seeing what happens as the world goes by them. Cookie crumbs on their stomach... eating chicken pot pies."

Check out Barkley's message to the trolls in the video embedded below.