Charles Barkley spoke at an SMU athletic forum on Wednesday and addressed several topics pertaining to the NBA, including the league's new back-to-back games policy and why he hates his job right now.

In speaking about the NBA's proposed plan to cut back on the number of back to back games, Barkley said,

"I want to commend the NBA," Barkley said. "You know, these poor babies can't play back-to-back games." 

"We want to make it convenient for them," Barkley said, sarcastically. "At $40 million a year, we can't stress 'em out."

According to ESPN, the 2017-18 NBA schedule will seek to eliminate back-to-backs around major national TV matchups, in an effort to prevent teams from resting star players during marquee games. Additionally, ESPN notes the following changes to the NBA schedule.

• Eliminating stretches of four games in five days and 18 games in 30 days.

• Reduction of five games in seven nights to just 40 instances across (1.3 per team), down from last year when it was on the schedule 90 times (three per team).

• Reduction in number of back-to-backs to 14.9 per team, down from 16.3 per team. In all, 40 back-to-backs have been eliminated from last season.

• Reduction of single-game road trips by 17 percent.

• Reduction in single-game road trips over 2,000 miles by 67 percent; there are only 11 of them on schedule.

But the NBA schedule wasn't the only thing Sir Charles spoke about at SMU yesterday.

Barkley, once again, called out NBA stars for forming super teams and said he hates his job right now because of the lack of good teams in the league. Not to mention, Barkley said he is already tired of all the talk regarding where LeBron James will play after the 2017 NBA season is over.

Check out some video footage of Barkley's comments about the NBA's new back-to-back policy, Dirk Nowitzki, super teams, Ezekiel Elliott and more, below.